November 22, 2020

5 Ways to Keep an Industrial Space Clean and Green

Today, every industrial plant and manufacturing factories need to update their cleaning and maintenance system according to the advanced cleaning methods. As a facility manager, you need to make sure that your workspace is running smoothly and have everything organized to prevent unnecessary waste that is harmful to the environment. Take full responsibility for keeping your industrial space clean. Here are five tips that will help you in going green while taking care of the cleanliness of your working environment.

Install a better drainage system

The factories and warehouses need a good drainage system to manage the spills and cleaning process. While some warehouses have the drainage system inside, others get it installed outside their warehouses. Regardless of the installation, the drainage system should be capable enough to keep your warehouse clean and green. The industries today are upgrading their traditional grate drainages to trench drains as they are easy to clean and does not cause any gunk and mold buildup.

drainage system

Heavy-duty industrial vacuums

Industrial vacuum cleaners are critical for cleaning management in any industrial warehouse today. Sweeping and mopping are not enough for a warehouse to stay clean. Heavy-duty vacuums are effective in keeping the place clean while using minimum human effort. Although heavy-duty vacuums may not seem energy-efficient, there are many greener options available. The Pneumatic vacuums run on compressed air for pressure, which reduces energy usage and also the risk of combustion.

Sealing the floors

Warehouses do not have the best luxurious tiles available in the market for flooring. They usually have concrete flooring as they are easy to clean. But you must seal the concrete indoors properly to make sure it does not get damaged. Sealing your concrete floor will ensure that the stains do not get absorbed by the concrete. You can find a wide range of sealers available without harmful chemicals. Seal every opening of the warehouse to have an easy to clean, greener environment.

Sealing the floors

Use a permeable paving system

Permeable pavers are a great option for places where the parking lots made of asphalt have a high risk of damage due to weather conditions. Asphalt pavements can damage quickly if the rainwater does not drain quickly from its surface. While a good drainage system can solve this problem mostly, you can upgrade your parking lot with permeable paving, which is incredibly porous and can absorb the water to the ground. It will also be eco-friendly by encouraging the water cycle by directly transferring water to the ground.

Develop recycling habits

As a warehouse manager and facilitator, you need to start creating awareness about the use of recyclable products. Make your employees proactive about keeping their spaces clean and use materials that offer cleanliness. Training your employees can be a task that you can take upon yourself as a leader to create rules and a set standard for your working space. Use recyclable materials that can go to landfills and decompose easily rather than using plastic. Also, encourage your employees to find a use for recyclable materials like cardboard, paper, and metals, so you do not have to send it to landfills, adding to your initiative of a cleaner environment.

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