October 17, 2020

5 Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning Tips

Today every home and workplace wants to adopt new ways of living and working in an eco-friendly lifestyle. Still, the cleaning methods in most of the workspaces involve toxic cleaning chemicals that are harmful to the environment and to the people working in the office. While ethical shoppers are adding more eco-friendly cleaning products to take care of themselves and the environment, the office cleaning staff should also consider the same and make changes in their cleaning products contracts. We must be extra aware of the dangers of poor quality office cleaning products and should immediately switch to cleaner alternatives. These eco-friendly cleaning tips will help big and small offices with better cleaning methods, which promises safety for their environment.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning involves just water that makes it a safe cleaning method. Steam cleaning is effective for cleaning carpets and bathrooms. It can kill all the bacteria with heat without using any chemicals. It is a safe, eco-friendly method of deep cleaning while it takes away the use of toxic chemicals that pollute water systems that can harm your health.

Steam cleaning

Cleaning chemical check

As a manager or the in-charge of the office cleaning committee, you should know about the cleaning products used in your office. Maybe the chemical used for wiping your office table is more dangerous than the dirt itself. There are many products that may look eco-friendly at first sight, but that is where you have to be extra careful. Check if the products are approved by the body that oversees the eco-friendly cleaning products in your country.

Hire passionate workers

Cleaning is not a job to be looked down at. It can be responsible for improving or damaging the health of hundreds of people in the office. You need an office cleaner who is passionate about green cleaning and can demonstrate methods of green cleaning. You can receive references for other offices for people who are trained to use eco-friendly methods for cleaning. Provide your staff with eco-friendly equipment and cleaning products that can help you in the long term.

Hire passionate workers

Office waste management

You need proper management of the waste that is going out of your office. You need separate bins for recyclable and non-recyclable waste so you can contribute to a cleaner environment by not sending plastic to the landfills. Encourage more reusable products like glass or ceramic cups for drinks and decomposable cutlery made of wood. The lesser garbage you send out from your office, the more it will help in preserving the environment.

Furniture for the future

The furniture of the past needs extra care and chemical applications to remain in good condition for long. But today, there are companies that use ethical means to construct their office furniture that may only require a damp microfiber cloth to clean the surface. These new self-preserving furniture can create a comfortable and cleaner working environment that will prevent the need for cleaning products like sprays, polishes, and gels.

Office Cleaning Tips
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