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IVD Australia provides members and non-members with the opportunity to participate in Association activities.

These include Networking meetings with Guest speakers covering topics of interest, Update forums on Technical and Regulatory Issues, and training on areas such as the TGA eBS system and the upcoming IVD Regulatory Framework. for information on training, visit our training page

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Personalised Medicine and the Impact of Genetic Testing on the Future of Pathology

Keynote Speaker: Professor Graeme Suthers, Director, Genetics, Sonic Healthcare (Australia)

Recent advances in technology and the excitement of economic and fast whole genomic data offer the possibility to revolutionise the discipline of pathology. Genomic (and genetic) testing allows pathologists to diagnose disease rapidly and early to change its course, and to tailor treatment programs to the individual. This presentation outlines some of these technical advances and the changes that will make this revolution a reality.


International Activities in promoting the Health Economics of Pathology: Potential for Australia

Keynote Speaker: Dr Paul Jülicher, Director, International Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Abbott (Germany)

In Australia the dominant model of pathology funding is fee for service, which has focussed payers (government) on costs, and by extension focused pathology practices on cost minimisation. The past decade or more has seen an era of ‘commoditisation’ of laboratory tests, with large scale automation and market concentration to achieve economies of scale and scope. The efficiencies that laboratories have been able to achieve have largely been passed onto payers with a long-term decline in reimbursement as indicated by medical rebates for pathology falling by 7.6% from 2000 to 2013 compared to the consumer price index which has increased by 43% over the same period. While production efficiencies will continue to evolve, the opportunities for future stepwise improvements in production costs are likely to have diminished. The focus must now be on delivering improved testing outcomes in a relatively cost neutral or at least cost-effective way; bringing pathology into line with other health services that focus on value for money for payers, and maximising health outcomes for consumers. This requires a break from the existing pathology funding model. Paul will explore international activities in this vital change and the potential that exists for Australia.


Friday March 2, 2018

International Convention Centre, Sydney Australia

7:30am - 9:30am

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