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Position Papers

As well as providing a range of support services for its members, IVD Australia is developing a series of Position Papers outlining its views on a range of areas of significant interest to IVD Australia members.

Areas under development include;

  • Reimbursement of Pathology Testing
  • Point of Care and Near Patient Testing
  • Personalised Medicine and Pharmacogenomics

IVD Australia Position Statements and Policies

IVD Australia Advocacy Agenda

Trade Practices Act Disclaimer


Use of IVD Australia Logo Policy


Position Statement - Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing

Position Statement - Non-Medical Testing

Position statement - Vendor Credentialing

IVD Australia does not support the imposition of vendor credentialing programs until the Standards Australia Vendor Credentialing Standard is developed.



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IVD Australia is driven by our strategic plan and we have captured two key strategies that will help to ‘future-proof’ the IVD Industry in Australia – Driving Industry Value, and Recognition & Advocacy.

All our activities are focused on member-value; ensuring that government understands, and acts upon, the value of the Australian IVD Industry; and making sure industry’s voice is heard and respected.

See our 2020 Vision here