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IVD Australia is the peak body representing Australian sponsors and manufacturers of in vitro diagnostics.

In vitro (literally "in glass") diagnostics (IVDs) comprise the instruments and reagents that are used to perform pathology tests requested by General Practitioners or specialist Physicians. These tests are generally performed in accredited Public and Private pathology laboratories across Australia, but IVDs also include over-the-counter tests such as blood glucose meters for diabetes testing or home pregnancy test kits. Supply of IVD products is regulated for the Government by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Australia’s leading pathology laboratory supply companies formed IVD Australia in July 2009 and we currently represent Australian manufacturers, multi-national and local distributors of Pathology tests, as well as regulatory consultants working in the IVD sector. Our industry currently supplies products valued at over AUD 1.2 billion per annum and employs over 3,000 staff in multinationals, local distributors, local manufacturers and exporters and regulatory consultant companies; many of which are SMEs. The Constitution of IVD Australia is available here

IVD Australia undertakes its role in a number of ways; 

  • facilitating the growth and development of the in vitro diagnostics industry in Australia by providing advocacy for the Industry, enabling access to information on in vitro diagnostics and providing education and training in respect of modern, innovative and reliable in vitro diagnostics;
  • undertaking active involvement in regulatory, technical, reimbursement and industry development issues;
  • representing the interests of Members to the Commonwealth, State and Territory; governments and legislatures, and other institutions within Australia and overseas whose activities are of interest to Members;
  • promoting the marketing of quality in vitro diagnostics;
  • encouraging the manufacture and export of Australian made in vitro diagnostics;
  • supporting and encouraging Australian research and development of in vitro diagnostics;
  • improving  community awareness and understanding of the in vitro diagnostics industry;
  • providing a forum to discuss issues related to improving patient and clinician access to in vitro Diagnostics; and
  • enabling access to information and education relating to in vitro diagnostics

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IVD Australia is driven by our strategic plan and we have captured two key strategies that will help to ‘future-proof’ the IVD Industry in Australia – Driving Industry Value, and Recognition & Advocacy.

All our activities are focused on member-value; ensuring that government understands, and acts upon, the value of the Australian IVD Industry; and making sure industry’s voice is heard and respected.

See our 2020 Vision here